Everyone Loves Petey

We don’t know anything about the first 2 years of Petey’s life. Petey was adopted in August of 2015 from the Berlin, CT animal shelter. Petey was in the shelter for 6 months and was having a hard time. A local DJ in CT, Damon Scott posted about Petey on Facebook, we saw Petey and had to have him. We went to the shelter and he was the sweetest dog.  The people at the shelter didn’t even waste another minute and sent Petey on his new Journey. Petey has always been grateful for rescuing him, and we are grateful to the Berlin animal shelter and Petey for bringing so much happiness to our world and those that follow him on TikTok and Instagram.

It all started with Trevor (13) sending me funny tiktok videos. I would scroll through and find funny videos to send him back. There were many cute doggie videos and I found myself having lots of fun viewing them. My primary business was shutting down due to Covid 19 and I had lots of time on my hands. I needed something fun to do in order to keep my spirits up during those challenging times. I decided it was time to give tiktok a whirl with Petey. I posted my first video of Petey and it got about 100 likes in the first hour. I ran to Trevor and just showed him the stats and he thought 100 likes was incredible. It really was for a first video.

Followers began posting comments on how Petey was impacting their lives. They were expressing that their tough times (during quarantine and social distancing) were made a little brighter and easier when they came across a video of Petey. Every comment expressing the joy Petey was delivering motivated me to do my next video.

On August 18, 2020 two great things were celebrated. The first was that it was the five year anniversary of the day we adopted Petey. Petey spent about six long months in a cage at the berlin animal shelter. He really needed to be rescued and showered in lots of love. We delivered that with no hesitation. The other amazing thing that happened was Petey hit 100,000 followers on Tiktok that same day. It is incredible to think how his life completely transformed. He is definitely an inspiration!

My husband and I have our coffee together almost every morning on the back porch. Sometimes we only have 10 minutes and other times it could be a full hour. Lately the conversations have revolved around Petey’s tiktok following. My entrepreneurial, smart husband said “Let’s build Petey a website.” And the rest of the story is unravelling each day.  


This is a picture of Petey on the day that we adopted him

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