What does great coffee have to do with Petey the Pitbull?  Let me tell you. Petey’s family loves coffee. All kinds of craft coffees. Jaimy and Erik frequently sit on their back deck with Petey while they drink their morning coffee.  Petey is always there because he always want to be in the same room as the rest of the family, or maybe he likes the smell of the coffee. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG COFFEE, It would be very bad for them. 

Watch the video below to see how to make what we think is the best cup of coffee. 

When using a Chemex to make Petey’s Blend the best ratio that we have found is 17:1 water to beans.  If you want to make 2 cups of coffee you need 850g (by weight) of water and 50g (by weight) of beans.  You want to have a course grind, when you have a course grind the fine dissolved solids do not filter through the filter and you have a smoother mouth feel. A finer grind will also slow the flow rate of the water and over expose the coffee.  The coffee tends to be a little more bitter in that case, if you like bitter coffee then go a little finer on the grind. 

Why do you need to weight the coffee and water?  Basically because different coffees have different densities, and if take 4 Tablespoons  of an Ethopian Coffee which tend to be smaller denser beans your coffee is going to be very strong,  but if you stick with the weight you will get a little closer to the strength of coffee that you prefer.  

If you prefer a stronger coffee, then change the ratio by adding more coffee.  Try a 15:1 ratio. If you are not great at the math this would be ~57g of coffee for 850g of water.  

If you just want one cup of coffee then you just divide all of these numbers by 2.  Experiment, have fun, enjoy the coffee. 

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